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Saturday, March 31, 2007

FNL Suit Settles

I've previously posted a little about the lawsuit on Friday Night Lights (on NBC, and I think the best drama on TV right now) (and, incidentally, co-produced by Sarah Aubrey, one of my law school classmates).  The short version is that a high-school quarterback was left permanently in a wheelchair after attempting to tackle an opponent, and, over his opposition or at least frustration, sued the school district and coach.  In this week's episode, the case settles.

In the settlement conference, the district's attorney first noted their immunity argument and even (accurately!) referred to summary judgment, then saying that only the coach would be left.  (Would he?  Seems unlikely, but maybe.)  Noting the coach's relative lack of assets, they argued for a small settlement.  The plaintiffs' attorney then described how compelling the QB would be on the stand.  The QB, who (along with all of the parties) was present, objected to being a prop and wrote down a number that, he said, would deal with the family's debt and pay off the house.  The school district accepted, and everyone went about their business (and the Panthers are going to state!).

I suppose it was a decent time for the plotline to end, but it would've been interesting for it to proceed further.  Alas.  Maybe the QB's new tattoo will get infected and he can sue the tattoo artist (with whom he may be involved, but that's another story).

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