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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Zyprexa Order Issued!

Good heavens, that was fast.  Briefing finished yesterday, and here's the order: Download memorandum_final_judgment_order_injunction_07504.pdf

I haven't read it yet, but it appears to conclude that the immediate recipients are still within an injunction, but that secondary (and those further out) are not.  A very quick glance suggests that this paragraph is a reasonable summary of what Judge Weinstein thinks about Egilman, Gottstein, and Berenson:

Berenson’s, Egilman’s, and Gottstein’s brazen flouting of this court’s protective order raises serious questions about their responsibility.  The court, based on the evidence before it, is not satisfied that they can be counted on to return all copies of the documents they may have in their possession or control.  Egilman and Gottstein are therefore being permanently enjoined as noted in Part IV.H.5, supra.  Berenson is not being enjoined since no injunction against him has been sought by Lilly.  See Part IV.H.4, supra.

More -- much more -- to come, probably this afternoon.

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