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Monday, January 1, 2007

New & Improved!

The LawProf blog network has a bunch of new features you can see over on the right (below the ads):

1.  A link to the Network’s new blogroll page which lists the last five posts from every Network blog. See   

2.  Improved syndication for all blogs using FeedBurner, which allows blog readers multiple options to subscribe to web-based news readers plus email option, and FeedBlitz, which offers an email-based RSS feed subscription service;   

3.  A blog-specific search engine using Technorati search engine technology; and   

4.  Automated display of each blog's Topical Archive in the right sidebar so that the establishment of new categories will appear once they have been used to tag a post. 

Posting may still be sporadic through AALS, but then I'll be back on the usual daily schedule, with the site's 50,000th visitor coming probably in the next week or so.

Happy new year, all!

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