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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

OJ Sued Again, Or Else We're All Having a Flashback

Fred Goldman, father of Ron Goldman, again sued OJ Simpson, this time asserting fraud relating to Simpson's recent not-quite-published book If I Did It.

The new lawsuit alleges that Mr. Simpson was paid for the book and TV deal through a shell corporation, Lorraine Brooke, a name taken from his two children’s middle names, “the purpose of which is to enable Simpson to avoid paying creditors.”

Deeper pockets are on the horizon:

Lawyers for Mr. Goldman said their suit would ultimately include HarperCollins, News Corporation and Ms. Regan as defendants. “Our theory is that Judith Regan knew of the judgment, therefore News Corp. had knowledge of it, and that the only way they could get O. J. to do the deal is if it put money in O. J.’s pocket,” Mr. Polak said. “So they sat down and figured out a deal how to get the money to O. J. and the Goldmans wouldn’t get any of the benefit.”

Surprising nobody at all, The Smoking Gun has more, including the complaint.

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