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Friday, December 15, 2006

Discovery: The Game!

I can't explore it in detail (on my way out to see The Hold Steady, and yes, they will rock, I'm quite sure) (update: I was right), but I just heard about So Sue Me: The Game.  One funny excerpt:

Every property has a color. The 5 colors each stand for a kind of lawsuit, symbolized on the Lawsuit™ cards by a particular character. Red = personal injury or "Ambulance Chaser", purple = theft of ideas or "CopyRat", orange = slander/libel or "Loudmouth!", yellow = medical malpractice or "Quack! Quack!", and green = product liability or "Bad Goods." When you land on another player's property, you may sue the owner. Let's say it's a red property, like the Office Building. Pick up the red "Ambulance Chaser" deck. Thumb through the deck until you find the first card for that property - the first card reading "Office Building" - then draw that card for your lawsuit. There are four cards for each business.  You must reveal the front of your Lawsuit™ card, which shows how much you're suing for and the amount of your legal fee. But keep the back hidden! It shows your "win range" or odds of winning the suit. Cards that look the same on the front have different odds on the back - which lets you bluff about whether you have a good card or not.

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Alas, the indispensable Board Game Geek site is not impressed.

Posted by: Ted | Dec 15, 2006 3:29:55 PM

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