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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

OT (again!): Happy Halloween

Gotta give my son equal time:


He initially wanted to be an eyeball, then a walking skeleton.  But his big sister is scared of skeletons, so he (on his own) said he'd like to be a book about walking skeletons. And then at preschool, they did the face painting to make him a saber-tooth tiger.  So I guess he's a saber-tooth book.

Down at the bottom of the cover of the book is a review from Stephen King: "I laughed! I cried! I maybe wet my pants!"

The back of the book has a bunch of reviews (and a mark of the beast bar code!):

“"Loved it. Only thing that would have made it better: Purple crayon."- Harold of Crockett Johnson's Harold and The Purple Crayon

"It's no To Kill a Mockingbird but it does have skeletons!"- Harper Lee

“Way better than anything I’ve written, but how hard is that?”- Anne Rice

“Don’t bother voting. Just read The Walking Skeleton. Really. Just stay home. Please.”- Karl Rove

“An instant and timeless classic.I wish I had used walking skeletons in A Christmas Carol.”- Charles Dickens

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A saber-tooth book? A glorious idea! Quite a cutie.

Posted by: Mrs. Seth | Nov 2, 2006 5:23:44 PM

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