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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Note to Self: Never, Ever Tailgate a Greyhound Bus

The Smoking Gun tells you why and has the complaint:

In a Court of Common Pleas lawsuit, Robert and Angela Stokes charge that they were driving last May (Mother's Day, to be exact) on I-75 in Toledo when "Greyhound Bus No. 6426" suddenly "emptied the contents of its latrine." The Stokes, who were traveling with their three children, claim that they and their 2002 Ford Explorer were covered with "human urine, human feces, toilet paper, other waste products" and a liquid toilet chemical known as F-104 Inca Gold.

I am particularly amused that someone gave a liquid toilet chemical a name that sounds like it should be featured in a sentence reading something like "Dude, pass me that Inca Gold; that's some bad-ass stuff there."

Also: Ick.

(h/t TF.)

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