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Monday, November 13, 2006

Followups: Election Fallout, Medical Malpractice & Doctor Supplies

Couple of updates:

  • Stephanie Mencimer (of The Tortellini) has an article, inspired at least in part by the Chamber of Commerce poll I posted about last week, discussing the prospects for various litigation reforms in the new Congress.  Overlawyered thinks litigation reform could be a winning issue, noting that ATLA didn't advertise against it; then again, as I noted before, I don't know of anywhere that it was a big issue, and it didn't make it into any open-ended exit polls.  Maybe it's got traction, maybe it doesn't, but its almost complete absence from the campaigns this year suggests that nobody thinks it's going to do much for them.
  • Charles Silver has a final response to Ted Frank regarding physician supplies in Texas (earlier post).  Update: Frank has replied at PoL.
  • I will be in Atlanta towards the end of this week, presenting at the Amusement Law & Government Relations Symposium at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions conference.  It is ginormous and, yes, they set up rides.  Check out the floor plan [2.1 MB PDF].

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