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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

ASTAR is Born

Okay, it's actually not newborn, but I like the phrase too much.

ASTAR ("advanced science and technology adjudication") looks like a useful group.  Their mission statement:

ASTAR oversees the effort to identify, recruit, train and deploy science and technology resource judges. ASTAboard sets the standards and certifies judges' science and technology training , including the ethical use of new science and technology knowledge and skills in comportment to the Canons of Judicial Ethics. ASTAR's training is open to attorneys from all aspects of the practicing Bar in order to assure transparency. Begun in 2005 as a partnership of the Supreme Court of Ohio and the Court of Appeals of Maryland, membership opens to all jurisdictions mid-2006.

You can hear more about it, including their origins in the human genome project, at this week's Scientific American Science Talk podcast, which you should be subscribing to anyway.  Their "science school" starts tomorrow.

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