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Friday, September 8, 2006

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Sometimes I'm glad when a spam gets through the filters I have set up.  Today is one of those days, for otherwise, how could I have learned about the Fly-Jumper?  (Or flying-jumper; the site varies.)  Behold its joys:

You can take one step 2~3meters and also jump 1~2meters high when you use it. It will be one of hottest sports during this year! And it will be a windstorm in fashion, leisure and amusement throughout the world for people in different areas and different ages. Everyone can enjoy it

Pic6 As skateboarding and ice skate are still growing, a new item of more cool body building and leisure, you can’t seize the wind of fashion .Hop, bowling, net bar, skating and dancing blanket are popular in short time...

It suits everybody, no matter the age is which is embodied the attraction of sport. It’s also the special product of vigorous and amusement The dream of becoming YaoMing will come true, if you try it when you play basketball. You can show your cool dancing to people when you wear it to dance hip-top. You will share the happiness with the world if you walk with it...

This is not the new cosset of boys.

The girl who likes beautiful to own it, not only have pretty body, but also have the fiction of reduce weight;

...and that's how the cover page ends, more or less.  The picture page brings its own delights.

Looking for a products liability exam subject?  Enjoy.  (Oddly enough, I actually wrote one about a very similar project I noticed in, sadly enough, an AirMall catalog last spring.  But the AirMall catalog wasn't nearly as fun to read.)

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