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Friday, September 1, 2006

Lawyer Spam

Crime & Federalism has an interesting bit on a spam received from one David Sheehan (actually, apparently, Saeed R Sehizadeh) (whois entry for, soliciting PI lawyers for an advertising network called  (I'm not linking to it to avoid contributing to a better Google rank.)

You'll note that his website,, suggests a different focus, but hey, there's nothing wrong with changing specialties. 

Perhaps of note, the whois entry for the site gives a contact address of  There's no website at that address, but its whois entry indicates that it's a Chinese site, which seems at least unusual for a California lawyer., in turn, uses in its contact e-mail addresses, and, whaddya know? spams, or at least seems to tolerate its users doing so.  ( now resolves to

He also, according to his bio, founded (in the spirit of the C&F post, the contact address:, a site for professional employment organizations.

In any event, it's a good read, but unusual only that it's seeking other lawyers to join up, rather than clients.  My spam file reveals solicitations for mass tort clients at least once every day or two.  Along with tracking Google AdSense results, I've been thinking that spam trends could potentially have some predictive value...

There's more fun to be had (i.e., digging around other sites hosted on the same server), but we have company.

I note that Walter Olson discussed back in January.

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