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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The JPML Will Totally Rock Your World. Dude.

It's always an exciting day in TortsProf Towers when the JPML releases the new hearing order [PDF] and so, despite the fact that it's 77 and sunny outside, and I should be getting ready for the little party we're having, I'm instead poring over the order for the September hearing in Santa Ana, which is, incidentally, installing new synthetic turf and a new marquee at the Santa Ana Stadium.  Go, Santa Ana! 

(There is, I'm sure, no truth to the rumor that the location for the hearing was selected because the panel was hoping to see some of the filming of the new season of The O.C.)

Anyway.  On with the show.  (The MDL show, not The O.C.)  Matters of interest that will have oral argument:

MDL-1796 -- In re Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Data Theft Litigation

MDL-1795 -- In re Insurance Industry Discriminatory Sales Practices Litigation

And...that's it. 

Wow, pretty weak docket.  Maybe they really are going to see if they can find out what happense to those wacky OC kids Ryan and Marissa.  Bunch of torts stuff on the non-oral-argument docket - asbestos, MTBE, Zyprexa, Ephedra, Vioxx, Bextra, Celebrex, Guidant defebrillators, Medtronic defibrilators, human tissue, Seroquel.  (Man, imagine how a Google AdSense banner would be flashing if we used their advertising.)

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