Monday, July 31, 2006

Slightly Off Topic Sports Fun

First, it's entertaining to see the Jamail video finding its way to Deadspin.

Second, also from Deadspin, a Colorado attorney is suing various online fantasy football providers under New Jersey law, claiming that they are in fact providing online gambling illegally.  Tech Law Advisor has the complaint; and the lawyer has a press release.  I suppose if some sites get enjoined, I might not be as embarrassed in my leagues this year...

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A class-action law firm, Gardy & Notis, is suing ESPN, Viacom, Disney, CBS, Hearst, and The Sporting News, among others, alleging that their participation in the thriving field of fantasy sports leagues violates the anti-gambling... [Read More]

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» Fantasy Sports League Lawsuit Filed! from tech law advisor
Complaint filed by Chuck Humphrey alleges that "Internet fantasy sports leagues for violations of the anti-gambling and gambling loss recovery laws of New Jersey". The entry fee for each of the SportsLine Leagues ranges from $29.95 to $499.95. The pote... [Read More]

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