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Sunday, June 25, 2006

More Mission: Lawsuit

An interesting story in today's Orlando Sentinel, discussing something known as "simulator sickness."

One thing that caught my eye is that it suggests that the people feeling ill -- even to the extent of calling 911 -- are a separate category than the two patrons who have died:

Who is at risk?

Daudi Bamuwamye, 4, died June 13, 2005. His autopsy found a rare heart disease. Two weeks ago, his family sued, charging Disney knew the ride is hazardous.

Hiltrud Blumel, 49, of Germany, died April 12. An autopsy report is due any day. A preliminary report said she had severe high blood pressure and died of a stroke.

Simulator experts don't blame the deaths on simulator sickness, saying people with such serious health problems are at risk anywhere, anytime.

Also interesting is the fact that the G-forces do not directly cause many of the problems; it's the "fooling" riders' inner ears.

(See here for an earlier post and interesting discussion in the comments.)

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