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Monday, May 8, 2006

Congress Overturns Ban on Lawn Darts; Oh, Something About Med Mal Too

The Onion [note: this is the podcast and it may start talking without you clicking on anything] reports on Congress overturning the ban on lawn darts.  And, by the way, how about that disclaimer at 

WARNING:  Lawn Jarts have been banned for manufacturing and resale in the United States.  The government of the United States has asked that all Jarts be destroyed.  In no way do we encourage or condone children using Jarts. Injuries from Lawn Jarts can result in serious injury or possibly even death. Those who play in this tournament are aware of the dangers of using Lawn Jarts and choose to take on the responsibilities associated with this sport.

In real news, Day on Torts (who I'm guessing is watching C-SPAN) reports that the cloture vote on S.22 (the med mal bill I discussed a couple of days ago) failed and that the fillibuster survived.  Update: S.23 (the obstetrics-specific bill) was also killed.

And, while I'm doing a random bits post, William Hubbard has an interesting "Don't Blame the FDA" op-ed in the Post.

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Right you are, Professor.

Another victory for the people. Sooner or later Congress will attempt to solve real problems with real solutions. I hope I live long enough to see it happen.

Posted by: John Day | May 8, 2006 6:43:43 PM

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