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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Here Comes the Sun -- Run For Your Lives!

Plenty of folks have noted the sunscreen lawsuit (e.g., Overlawyered, Point of Law).  It's worth emphasizing what PoL notes but most news reports have not -- it's not a personal injury suit.  Instead, the complaint asserts fraud and statutory claims:


As I tend to do for no real reason besides wondering who would want to be in such a suit, I did Google searches for the named plaintiffs with relatively uncommon-seeming names.  I sort of doubt it's the same person, but I note that one plaintiff is named Cristina Williams, and there exists such a person in L.A. with a website (that starts playing music at you without warning). Another plaintiff posted this entertaining series of messages about insurance claims, and, perhaps not surprisingly, expressed interest in another class action

Lerach Coughlin issued a press release and posted the amended complaint [big PDF].

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