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Monday, March 27, 2006

Google AdWords

Lawyers dominate the Google AdSense keywords, with "mesothelioma lawyers" commanding over $54.  (Via Consumerist; I see Overlawyered picked up on it too.)

One project I've thought about but never quite gotten around to is to test the predictive value of plaintiff attorney advertising for pharmaceutical plaintiffs -- i.e., determining if an increase in ads by attorneys for a particular pharmaceutical product predicts the withdrawal of or other negative action relating to that drug. 

Purely out of curiosity, I periodically checked on the numbers of ads for Vioxx attorneys between the initial indication of Cox-2 inhibitor problems and Vioxx's withdrawal, and saw a modest increase in numbers in the weeks prior to the withdrawal, but I wasn't nearly methodical enough to say there was anything significant there.  It would be a fun project for an enterprising programmer; shouldn't be too hard to parse the search results pages automatically, track where the links lead, and identify trends.

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