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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Florida Senate Committee Passes Tort Reform

Sounds like the hearing was rather uneventful.  From the Sun Sentinel story:

There was little discussion among committee members about the controversial issue that has pit two of Tallahassee's most aggressive interest groups -- big business and trial lawyers -- against each other and is driving hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to both political parties this year. Senators asked only a handful of questions of presenters and said almost nothing in debate before voting.

Sen. Walter "Skip" Campbell, D-Tamarac, withdrew an amendment that would have forced companies that write insurance policies for businesses to lower their rates to account for the savings they would see if joint and several is abolished.

Afterward, Campbell said he decided it was no use aggressively fighting the measure on Wednesday because Republican senators had been "locked down" and instructed to oppose any amendments.

Sounds like Campbell may be wondering the same thing I am -- that is, has there been an impact from such a move in the states that have taken this step?

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