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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

No Negligence Per Se for that Chop Block

Via Tuesday Morning Quarterback (pointed out to TMQ by Stephen Carter of Yale Law School), an excerpt from the 2005 Official Playing Rules of the National Football League:

Where the word 'illegal' appears in this rulebook, it is an institutional term of art pertaining strictly to violations of NFL rules. It is not meant to connote illegality under any public law ... The word 'flagrant,' when used here to describe an action by a player, is meant to indicate the degree of violation of the rules ... 'flagrant' in these rules does not necessarily imply malice on the part of the fouling player.

I'm sure the courts will be pleased to know that they, and not NFL referees, continue to determine what conduct is illegal under the law.

(Incidentally, that purported block below the waist wasn't.)

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