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Monday, January 16, 2006

Trial Lawyers "Infiltrating" Texas Republicans

A new group in Texas claims that trial lawyers are trying to take over the Republican party in that state.  Janelle Shepard, executive director of Texans For Texas, which has launched a "Shark Watch" initiative:

I saw all this infiltration and influence by the trial lawyer culture, which is not compatible with the basic conservative agenda, so there's not really a way for conservatives to support what the plaintiffs/class action/trial lawyers are trying to do.

The group's report and other materials can be seen at the Texas Shark Watch website.

Among the attorneys contributing money to Republicans, and hence giving her organization concern, are Mark Lanier (who obtained the $250+ million Vioxx verdict [to be reduced by Texas's caps]), John O'Quinn (who made a lot in tobacco litigation), and Baron & Budd (which made its fortune in asbestos litigation).

As the San Antonio Express-News story linked to indicates, the Republican party dominates Texas politics.

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