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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

If He Wins What He Wants, He'll Definitely Be A Billionaire

Adding to my reasons I wish I could get to defamation in my (four-hour) (sigh) Torts class, Donald Trump has filed suit over a biography by NYT reporter Timothy O'Brien that has the gall to suggest he's not as rich as he claims -- perhaps only worth $150 to $250 million rather than $2.7 billion.  The complaint asks for $5 billion (yes, that's with a 'b').  I haven't come across the actual complaint online; if you've seen it, let me know.

The story (or any of the many other stories) do a fine job with the basics.  I especially enjoyed this quote from the AP story explaining the choice of venue:

Although Trump lives in New York City, and owns three casinos in Atlantic City, and O'Brien lives in northern New Jersey, Trump lawyer Marc Kasowitz called Camden is a logical venue for the suit.

"(TrumpNation) was available in a number of different places and a town library in Camden," Kasowitz said. "Mr. Trump has business operations throughout the state of New Jersey. We thought the citizens of Camden are entitled to know the truth about how wrong this book is."

Who knew Camden was such a critical place for Trump's reputation?  Between the RiverSharks baseball team and the only home Walt Whitman ever owned, I'd have thought the residents (Camdenites? Camdonians?) would have enough on their minds.

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