July 17, 2009

My Last Post on the Tech Law Prof Blog

This will be my last post on the Tech Law Prof Blog.  I've recently signed on as co-editor of the Law Librarian Blog and I've found it increasingly difficult to contribute to both and provide thoughtful news and commentary.  After discussing the situation with our general editor, Joe Hodnicki, I'll be devoting full efforts to posting on the Law Librarian Blog.    I understand that there will not be a new editor for this blog.  I'll continue to cover tech news and events there.  I encourage everyone to visit the Law Librarian Blog for future tech news.

I want to thank everyone who has visited and commented here over the last four years.  It's been fun and a bit wearing all at the same time.  Thanks for your time and for reading what I've had to say these past years,

Mark Giangrande

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