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July 9, 2009

Round Up of Analysis on the Google Chrome OS Announcement

This is a selected round up of views on the significance of what Google's entry into the web OS market means to consumers and to Microsoft.  I published my thoughts yesterday.  Here are more from others:

(CNET) What Chrome OS has on Windows that Linux doesn't, by Stephen Shankland.

(Ars Technica) Cloud computing promise still stormy with reliability issues, by Chris Foresman, Jon Stokes.

(Ars Technica) Google's Chrome OS: what it means, why it matters, by John Timmer.

(Wired, via CNN) Odds are stacked against Chrome OS's success, by Priya Ganapati

(PCMag) 10 Questions for Google's New Chrome OS, by Lance Ulanoff.

(PCWorld) Google: The World's Most Successful Failure?, by David Coursey.

(InfoWorld) Google OS may force Microsoft to reinvent Windows, by Elizabeth Montalbano

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