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June 2, 2009

Google's Android Comes to Netbooks

The Associated Press is reporting that Acer will offer Google's Android operating system on netbooks as an alternative to Windows.  The AP notes lower costs to manufacturers, which means lower costs to consumers.  Then again, who will support Android on a netbook?  Is this the kind of tie in to Google services and Apps similar to Microsoft products and Windows?  We will see how Google exploits this move.

Speaking of Microsoft, the company removed the three application limit on the Windows 7 starter edition that was planned for netbooks.  An unencumbered version of the OS would have been available for an upgrade fee had the plan gone into effect.  Most commentators pronounced the idea a non-starter with consumers and Microsoft agreed though other features in the full Windows 7 will not be available.  Microsoft did, however, lay out limits to the power built into a netbook to qualify the manufacturer to a lower per machine price for the OS.  It's reputed that Microsoft gets $15 per copy of Windows XP installed on netbooks.  [MG]

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