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June 5, 2009

Bing Day Three

Or is it day five?  Bing has transcended expectations and has become (for now) the second most popular search engine in the United States and the world.  PC World reports market share numbers for Bing and Yahoo as 16.28% and 10.22% respectively in the United States and 5.62% and 5.13% respectively worldwide.  Speculation is the novelty factor driving traffic, with Microsoft hoping that users will stick around after trying out Bing.  Rob Pegoraro tries some searches in Bing and compares them to similar searches in Google.  The results are mixed.  Bing may not be a Google-killer, but it might be a Yahoo-killer.  Bing did have a minor stumble when its feature allowing video previews to run from search results allowed users to view, ahem, adult content without visiting the source web site.  A user has to disable safe search to get to the content.  Microsoft gave administrators a line of code that disables the disable, no matter what the user does.  Porn sites are understandably upset that Bing can deliver content without the user going to the source.  It is possible that this may actually drive traffic to Bing, though Microsoft can't be happy about why their numbers might be up, if that's it.  In a final note, Reuters notes five features for which Bing should not get credit mostly because they were in earlier versions of Microsoft search in one form or another.  If no one noticed then will a $100 million ad campaign make a difference in the long run.  [MG]

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