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June 16, 2009

Amazon May Open Up Kindle, e-Book Business To Other Formats

Amazon is willing to separate the the e-book business from the Kindle business.  Jeff Bezos is quoted in Information Week saying e-book content from Amazon will be available on a variety of platforms for the same $9.99 price point.  He also suggested that the Kindle open itself up to other content from other vendors.  How serious this may be is another question, though it may help Google with its Justice Department investigation on the book settlement.  The market gets a bit more open if Amazon moves away from linking its own content exclusively with its own reader. 

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If eBooks from Amazon could be read by any electronic reader, and not only Kindle, that will open up the market. More publishers will go through Amazon to sell their eBooks because there is more potential client and people will have more platforms to buy eBooks from without being obliged to use a specific reader.
Google gotta watch out from Amazon now!
BR, Mostafa

Posted by: Mostafa | Jun 19, 2009 6:38:17 AM

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