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May 14, 2009

Google Fails for an Hour for Some

Some of Google's services were unavailable this morning for about 14% of its customers.  The problem was attributed to a glitchin its network that sent some of the web traffic through Asia.  That caused a bottleneck which slowed down or stopped some of the traffic.  The error hasn't been detailed as to how it came about, which might be interesting.  A lot of inconvenienced people vented on Twitter.  Google fails for a "moment" and the world is lost.  The last time this happened to Gmail there was a slew of articles suggesting that we are all too dependent on Google.  Systems are not perfect, as anyone who ever worked in an IT shop will tell you.  It's unfortunate that these things happen, but they will happen again.  Google is responsible enough to keep the interruption down to a minimum, just as would Microsoft, Yahoo, or any other company in the same position. 

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