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April 23, 2009

The Third Annual Conference on the Law and Economics of Innovation will be held on May 7th of this year at the Hilton Arlington in Arlington, Virgnia.  The conference is sponsored by George Mason University and Microsoft, and features a stellar line-up of speakers.

They include

Bill Kovacic, FTC Commissioner (keynote)
Susan Athey, Harvard Economics (keynote)
Peter Klein, Missouri Economics
Tom Hazlett, GMU Law
Eric Goldman, Santa Clara Law
Peter Swire, OSU Law
Howard Beales, GWU Business
Florenica Marotta-Wurgler, NYU Law
Phil Weiser, DOJ/Colorado Law
Randy Picker, Chicago Law
Scott Kieff, GWU Law
Susan DeSanti, FTC Director of Policy Planning
Christopher Wolfe, Hogan & Hartson

Here is a description of the program from the conference web site:

Online Markets vs. Traditional Markets

This third conference in the Law and Economics of Innovation series will focus on Online Markets vs.Traditional Markets. We will address the economics of online markets and their regulation, in particular by assessing whether and how online markets differ from traditional markets. There are, of course, obvious differences between the local grocery store and eBay, and between Google and the local Yellow Pages. We will explore the nature of these differences and their implications, if any, for how online markets are organized and regulated. We will address these questions first by returning to basics—by looking into the economic forces at work in online and traditional product markets. Next, we will consider the levers of regulation most important to online markets and whether the design of these regulations reflects the underlying economic realities. Finally, we take head-on the question of “online exceptionalism,” asking about the policy implications of non-traditional online business models and non-traditional markets.

Approved 4.0 CLE credit hours by the Virginia Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Board.

Joshua D. Wright, and Geoffrey Manne are this year's conference organizers.  More information is here.

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