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April 3, 2009

Online Education Becoming Attractive in Tough Economic Times

One of the conundrums of education is online coursework, or specifically taking a class online rather than in a classroom.  The problem is how to evaluate purely online pursuit of degrees via schools without that physical campus.  The established universities that look askance at the online only competition are dipping into that same territory.  Major universities have exploited the web in this way for years.  With far flung campuses, it's sometimes easier to offer one class through the web within a program than bring in students from hundreds of miles away just for that purpose.  These schools, however, balance face time with online time and have a close relationship with their students.  The web is attractive as it is inexpensive, and the faculty talent is there no matter what the medium.

Now online education may be attractive to the general public because the current economic conditions make attending a physical university prohibitive.  Newsweek covers this trend in an article called Online Education Offers Access and Affordability.  Online education has been around for awhile, and as such, is becoming a legitimate alternative to college in the eyes of the public.  The article is worth a look.

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I highly recommend online education but make sure its a good program. My suggestion is to stay away from generic schools and try to find a program that will add credit to your resume. Cornell, Boston University, and even Harvard all offer online classes and degrees.

Posted by: online education | May 19, 2009 2:10:24 AM

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