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April 3, 2009

Google Buying Twitter?

The rumors abound, and they may be based on some form of truth out there.  Google's forays into social networking haven't been that successful.  It's Orkut product has never taken off save for South America, and even there it was mired in criminal actions involving drugs, child pornography, you name it.  YouTube has quietly added social features where individual accounts can interact with each other.  That's successful, but low key compared to the major social sites.

Google and Twitter may be a good fit.  YouTube is still trying to figure out how to make money off of YouTube, and Twitter is still trying to make money off itself.  The biggest question seems whether Twitter users will abandon the site if Google becomes the owner.  The same question came up when Google bought YouTube.  As it turned out, YouTube is still the largest video site for web distribution.  Google's ownership of Twitter may lead to the same result.  Certainly in a day when the Microsoft courtship of Yahoo remains in slow motion, the concept of Google buying Twitter has piqued the press.  Read more commentary in PCWorld, the Los Angeles Times, eWeek, and Computerworld.  Some suggest that the purchase is attractive for the search technology growing under Twiiter's hood.  Then there is the Microsoft angle, as in anything Google does, Microsoft apes, until they figure out that they can't do it as well and nobody cares.  See book scanning as an example.

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