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March 30, 2009

Cloud Computing Manifesto Available

The Open Cloud Manifesto has been floating on the web for the better part of last week.  The text is now officially available.  It's easy to see why Microsoft and Amazon have refused to sign the document which was essentially authored by IBM.  One of the principles applied to cloud customers is not to lock them into a particular platform, among others:

2. Cloud providers must not use their market position to lock customers into their particular platforms and limit their choice of providers.

Another principle is that vendors should use existing standards and collaborate to maintain common standards with the end of making migration easy for customers from one vendor to another.  This is all very good in theory, but it's not necessarily how a market works.  It effectively can preclude Microsoft from using some form of Windows as the basis for it's cloud platform, or at the very least casts a shadow on their use of proprietary systems to provide service.  Assuming that Microsoft merely wants to make money out of this and not collar the market, why give up the flexibility of using your own proprietary intellectual property?  

The document claims neutrality on this:

This document does not intend to define a final taxonomy of cloud computing or to charter a new standards effort. Nor does it try to be an exhaustive thesis on cloud architecture and design. Rather, this document is intended for CIOs, governments, IT users and business leaders who intend to use cloud computing and to establish a set of core principles for cloud providers. Cloud computing is still in its early stages, with much to learn and more experimentation to come. However, the time is right for the members of the emerging cloud computing community to come together around the notion of an open cloud.

Yet it seems more about limiting competitors in the context of the complete document.  Note that Amazon and Google are not signatories along with Microsoft.  These three will be major players in the future of the cloud market.  They should compete with the best resources available and let the customers make the decisions as to whether to buy and from whom.

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