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February 3, 2009

Tuesday In The News

Opera is poised to grab market share in the mobile browser market, according to this article in the Washington Post.  Their 0.7% in the standard market is even below Google's Chrome browser.

AT&T is in trouble with local officials in Illinois over public access programming.  AT&T dumps all of it on Channel 99, requiring a download to sort out programming for each community.  The arrangement precludes anyone from recording the programming via DVR.  Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan questions whether this violates Illinois law. 

Rambus may be headed to another defeat in its quest to extract money from every memory maker in the world in a patent dispute.  Last month a Delaware court tossed a Rambus action against Micron due to spoliation.  Rambus shredded evidence.  A similar case in California is likely to get tossed based on that ruling.  However, cases remain in that court against Hynix, Samsung, and Nanya Technology.  The Court is likely to hold hearings to see if spoliation is a factor in the actions against those defendants.  More details are here and here.

Microsoft has been kind enough to allow network administrators to block service pack upgrades to Vista and XP.  These blocks will expire on April 28 for Vista SP1 and on May 19 for XP SP3.  More from Information Week.  Microsoft plans to stop access to the Windows 7 beta on February 10.

Comcast defends itself from accusation by the FCC that it favors its own VoIP service compared to others that may be degraded in times of heavy network use.  Comcast says the service does not run over its high speed lines and can be ordered without an Internet subscription.  Somehow this smacks of semantics getting in the way of reality.  Comcast may discover that this isn't Kevin Martin's FCC anymore, not that he was Comcast's friend.  The new FCC may have a chillier response to these claims.  More in Ars Technica.

No source code for the defense in a Minnesota case involving the Intoxilyzer 5000EN breathalyzer.  More from CNET.

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