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January 12, 2009

Windows 7 Beta and Cheap MS Office for Students

Microsoft released the Windows 7 Beta on Friday to frustrated customers.  Frustrated because the traffic caused the servers to crash resulting in few or no one getting one of the 2.5 million download and keys to run the software.  Microsoft made good, though.  They added capacity and the download site was back up in less that 24 hours.  The company also lifted the limit on keys and downloads for two weeks.  Get a copy, good through August 1, here.

Speaking of Microsoft, they are offering editions of Microsoft Office and Vista for $59.95 and $64.95 respectively to qualified students at educational institutions.  The discounts are significant compared to street prices.  Some schools may have better discounts based on their participation in other Microsoft sales programs.  Still, these are pretty decent prices.  More information is here.  [MG]

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