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January 21, 2009

FCC Blasts Comcast Over VoIP Practices

Kevin Martin's last gasp at the FCC had the agency question Comcast's VoIP practices.  It seems that users who consume more than 70% of their alloted bandwidth for more than 15 minutes will hear choppy VoIP calls.  Not so if they use Comcast's VoIP service.  The FCC wonders if this is a situation where a network provider favors their own services over that of their competitors.  Ya think?

Comcast could defend the practice, saying it really is a service that is based on various 20th Century composers.  This could be the John Cage effect, where the phone call is reduced to almost silence.  Or the La Monte Young effect, where the conversation is turned into screeching noise.  We've always admired avant-garde manipulation of sound, a Comcast spokesperson did not say, and we've tried to turn our admiration into practical services to our customers.  Sadly, we cannot find a way to somehow apply it to the very same services we sell, but we're working on it.  The best part, the same spokesperson continued not say we're still not charging extra for it.  Other providers are watching the FCC closely on this one.  More in Network World.

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