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December 12, 2008

Google Chrome Goes Into General Release

Google removed the "Beta" designation from Chrome, the new browser from Google.  That must have been one of the shortest betas for Google.  Gmail has been out for, what, years now and still has the beta tag.  The announcement on the Official Google blog has links for the download of version 1.0

For the record, I like the browser but I miss a drop down menu for previously typed addresses.  The omnibox is no substitute.  Opening a new tab is a sort of work around.  Some sites haven't worked well with Chrome.  Some features in Typepad (like spellcheck) seem to disappear in the Chrome beta.  Time to see if this has changed in the release product.  Chrome is still the fastest browser I've encountered for page renders.  My thumbnail impression of the browser is that it is a viable alternative to IE and Firefox, just not all of the time. [MG]

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