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November 10, 2008

Everyone Agrees Obama Knows How To Leverage Tech

Follow the Obama transition team via change.gov, the official site of the President-elect.  Many commentators note that Obama's successful campaign and election was due in part to a proactive use of the Internet to reach out to the electorate.  Aside from the unprecedented amount of money Obama raised via the Internet, his campaign used the communication channel to deftly stay in touch with voters.  Republicans have not really embraced the Internet in the same way.  Republican Senator Ted Stevens famously declared the Internet a series of tubes.  Stevens was roundly ridiculed by pundits but it seems that the Intertube mentality remained with campaigns.  The success of the Obama campaign may change that mentality, waking Republicans up to the idea that they too can organize grass roots via the web.  It should be an interesting development to see tools such as Twitter, Digg, and even old fashioned text messaging running on both sides of the aisle.

One article in the Washington Post suggests the Obama administration may make further use of the Internet to promote policies by using display ads next to articles on those policies.  If true, that would be a novel approach to reaching out to the electorate.  Certainly such a plan would have to comply with federal ethics and lobbying laws.  Again, the suggestion came from the Washington Post and not the Obama transition team.  The point is, though, that unlike past campaigns and presidencies, Obama is positioned to take full advantage of the Internet.  That awareness may also include a new push for net neutrality according to this article in CNN Money.  Additional commentary is in the Houston Chronicle.  [MG]

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