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September 29, 2008

TiVo Comes to the PC (Only)

Nero and TiVo are teaming up to create a hardware software combination that allows a (Vista or XP) PC to be used as a TiVo.  The product is called Nero LiquidTV and it can do everything a standard TiVo box can do.  Best of all, the product can be used without TiVo, though none of the TiVo services would be available.  That would make it, what, similar to Microsoft Media Center?  The subscription version is $199, and the software only version is $99.  Then again, standalone Direct-to-DVD recorders that attach to a cable or satellite box are around $99 as well.  The need to export recorded content to other devices may make the Nero product more attractive as those features are built in.  Then again, personally recorded DVDs can be ripped and manipulated with other software.

More from ChannelWeb and PC World.

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