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September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Google

Google first appeared on September 7, 1998 then a merely a search engine, now an omnivore of commerce, culture, and technology (and a lawsuit magnet).  Reactions to the anniversary range from how can we live without it to how could we let this monster grow into what it is.  Ten years ago Microsoft was front and center as the Justice Department took the company on over competition issues.  Many people thought Microsoft was evil at the time.  (Many still do, for various reasons.)  Google adopted its own "Don't Be Evil" motto setting itself apart from the perception of the most important technology company at the time.  Given what Google has grown into over the course of the last ten years, some question whether that motto still rings true.  If anything, Google has amassed the capital and power to pursue business with the best of them, and succeed in many attempts.  The little search engine that could now runs an office suite, a video site, email, an online book library, and one of the most profitable ad businesses in the solar system.  Google just released a beta version of a new browser (as if the world needed one, maybe it does), and launched its own satellite for earth mapping.  All Google needs is Google OS to complete the transformation into MS Lite.  That and a gaming system.  And a music player.  And a hardware division.  The motto may be Don't Be Evil, but that doesn't always translate into Don't Be Annoying.  Here's seeing if you're still king of the Internet in 10 more years.  [MG]

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