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August 25, 2008

No Texting While Driving Almost law in California

The California legislature has sent a bill outlawing texting while driving to the Governor.  Nothing is being signed into law just yet due to a budget dispute.  Details in the Los Angeles Times.  [MG]

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What about texting while driving to a restauraunt? Does the bill ban that too?

Posted by: Bobo Linq | Aug 25, 2008 7:46:15 AM

As a 17 year old senior in High School, I agree with the ban on texting. I feel as though it will make our roads safer;however, I question how cops are to regulate and enforce this law. Cell phones not only make calls and generate texts they have calendars and other features which are not covered under this ban. How is a cop to know whether or not I am looking at my calendar, looking up a phone number in my phone book or texting? Ipods are another issue. One must look away from the road to change the music on their Ipod. I highly doubt that a cop will be able to differentiate between a person texting and looking through their Ipod. Until all of these issues have plausible solutions I feel as though this ban will be causing people to pay for things they may not be doing.

Posted by: Mathew (La Quinta, CA) | Sep 25, 2008 11:05:58 PM

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