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August 1, 2008

It's Official, FCC Slaps Comcast

Well, on a 3 to 2 (the Chair and two Dems in the majority) vote, the FCC ordered Comcast to be more transparent in its broadband network management, though no fine was issued.  Comcast, as does it's industry supporters, disagrees with the Commission's determination.  Comcast wants every customer to have a positive Internet experience, as long as the definition of positive remains in their control.

From the FCC Press Release:

The Commission rejected Comcast’s defense that its practice constitutes reasonable network management. While Comcast claimed that it was motivated by a desire to combat network congestion, the Commission concluded that the company’s practices are ill-tailored to serve that goal for many reasons: they affect customers who are using little bandwidth simply because they are using a disfavored application; they are not employed only during times of the day when congestion is prevalent; the company’s equipment does not target only those neighborhoods suffering from congestion; and a customer may use an extraordinary amount of bandwidth during periods of network congestion and will be totally unaffected so long as he does not utilize an application disfavored by Comcast.

Statements from all five commissioners are available at the main FCC web page. Expect the expected court challenge.  [MG]

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