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July 27, 2008

Nokia and Qualcomm settle their differences

Finally ending "a bitter legal battle that has lasted nearly three years and spanned three continents" (quoted from CNN.com), Nokia and Qualcomm have agreed to settlement terms.  Nokia has agreed to withdraw an antitrust complaint pending against Qualcomm at the European Commission, just one part of the terms of their closed settlement agreement, and the impact on the value of Qualcomm's stocks was almost immediate. Read more about the Nokia/Qualcomm settlement here.

Of course, that doesn't end Qualcomm's legal issues, as they continue to do battle with "[o]ther companies [that] have complaints before the European Commission, and Qualcomm is fighting in U.S. courts to overturn a possible ban on the imports of phones with its chips after Broadcom Corp. won a patent-infringement case." (quoted from Bloomberg.com) [MD]

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