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July 9, 2008

Google Government

A little note on the CNET site goes into some detail of predicting what Google services may be in the offing.  The analysis come from looking at the traffic generated from Google searches and broken into 20 industrial categories.  The analysis predicted Lively, Google's new virtual world service.  It suggests that there may be a Google Autos or a Google Music coming.  One category not cross-referenced to a Google service is government.  The comment in the note said we'd probably not see a Google Government just yet.  That's not quite true.  There is a Google Government site.  It's just not publicized.  Or linked from the "More" page.

I had to search for it in Google and it shows up here and has its own FAQ here.  Strange that Google doesn't want you to know about it. To clarify, government in this case means federal government.

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