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June 23, 2008

XP: Soon To Be Gone, But Hardly Forgotten

Microsoft cuts off XP to the world on June 30, and Dell is willing to sell you a machine with XP through June 26th.  After that, you can buy Vista with an XP downgrade.  The difference is that you will have to pay for both operating systems.

My impression of Vista after having used it since last November is that the release copy is vastly superior to the betas that were out there.  The speed, stability, and performance is solid provided it is on a machine with enough power and video memory.  Hardware costs in a manufactured computer may have gone up somewhat to compensate for a practical Vista based machine, but it is still affordable for the power. 

The Aero desktop is pretty, but completely unnecessary.  The Media Center is a nice feature, but one really needs an XBox Extender or some tie in to cable and/or a large TV to make more than casual use of it.  Managing an MP3 collection doesn't require the program as there are other alternatives out there.  The ability to tag photos is a good feature for those who do that kind of stuff.  I can't say much about search as I don't use it that often, but I notice that whenever I read articles about Vista, search isn't mentioned very often.  I can't say much about the sidebar either, as I turned that feature off within a few days of firing up the system.  I guess I'm not much into software gadgets.  The user control is not as annoying as some reviewers make it out to be.  It just becomes background noise after the first few days.  The nicest thing about Vista is the ability to use a jump drive as fake memory.  Bottom line, you can turn off most of the Vista features that use up resources.  Compared to XP, it's not that special and not that annoying.  It's just there.

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