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April 9, 2008

Yawn, Adobe Releases AMP to the Public

Adobe released its Adobe Media Player (AMP) to the public today.  It plays local and streaming flash, H.264 videos, and not much more.  No DVDs, no other standard formats, and no audio.  The interface is nice, with a clean black on black look.  There are any number of channels organized by genres, containing ad supported content from various providers.  One can find episodes of Star Trek, the Twilight Zone, and a lot of stuff from the B-list of of cable channels.  There are also "classic" movies, such as The Last Man on Earth.  That title is presented in such a small presentation that viewing it in full screen is like watching a black and white impressionist painting that moved.  Better to find the film on one of those cheap DVDs floating around bargain bins in electronic stores than to see it here.  That's not to say that all available items suffered the same problem.  More modern content appears quite nicely in standard and full screen view.  Jumping from point to point in a video is accomplished by moving a slider in the progress bar that appears below the video.  The videos I watched over a standard DSL connection came through without any degradation of the picture and audio. 

Take a look at the options before running the program.  It defaults to tracking user habits, albeit without personally identifiable information.  That, as well as other options can be changed.  Beyond that, there's not much here to get one particularly enthused.  Like any application, it's just starting out and may improve to be something more than what it is.  Until then, AMP is interesting but not particularly compelling.  Does this mean Flash format will be a standard download and save format within other applications? 

Get AMP here.  Or don't.

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