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March 24, 2008

FBI Fake Links Snare Would-Be Child Porn Downloaders

Declan McCullagh posts a sad story of Roderick Vosburgh, who is about to be sentenced for attempting to download child pornography.  Vosburgh clicked on a link that purported to lead to child pornography.  The link which did not contain any such thing, however, was posted by the FBI.  They logged access, leading to Vosburgh's arrest.  Presumably, others are awaiting their visits. 

McCullagh has interviews with Vosburgh's attorney and a a fairly detailed description of the issues in the case.  The larger issue, of course, is what happens when someone unintentionally clicks on a link in spam or online source that purports to be something and leads to illegal material.  Then there is the entrapment issue, but the courts don't seem bothered by that in this case.

Worth reading.

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John Jenkins

Posted by: John Jenkins | Mar 30, 2008 1:46:00 PM

I know this works on the individual (considering if he/she's the only one living on that home old enough to use a computer) who click on the link but if the mob does raid the victim's home and if there are like say four adults living there all who share the same computer. How are they going to determine who is the one that click on the link if none knew they did it? Don't tell me they'll arrest all of them. Sometime it might be accidental. Man now not only are there spammers and scammers online but the FBI is also joining on the phenomenon as well. I know catching child predators is good enough since they already did it with fake chatrooms, dating sites, and television schemes but now they are flooding spams with fake link to get more people to jail.

Posted by: James | Nov 30, 2008 12:40:09 AM

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