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March 12, 2008

Cops Don't Like Rate My Cop

The "Rate My..." trend in web sites can get to be a little ridiculous at times, what with sites such as Rate My Mullet, Rate My Fish Tank,  and Rate My Kitten (no wait, kittens are cute).  There are even ratings sites related to, ahem, adult matters operating completely without shame.  Professionals get their share with teacher sites, lawyer sites, and professor sites, among others. 

Now cops are getting the treatment with RateMyCop.com.  The bottom line on this one is that cops don't think much of the site.  That would be one thing, but GoDaddy, the domain name registrar for the site pulled the plug on the registration and took the site out of the DNS system.  They first gave first one excuse, suspicious activity, and then another about exceeding bandwidth.  The site disputes both and apparently has found a new registrar because it's back online, albeit with slow loading pages.  Is this another form of "bandwidth management" because the content is controversial though legal?  It will be interesting to see where this one goes. 

BuzzFeed collects a series of posts on the issue.  Wired has a good story on it as well.

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