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January 4, 2008

RIAA Disputes Report on Illegality of Copying Legal CDs to a Computer

NPR hosted a debate between Marc Fisher, the Washington Post reporter who claims that the RIAA is making legal arguments that copying MP3s to a computer is essentially piracy ("unauthorized copies") and Cary Sherman, head of the RIAA.  Sherman flatly denies that is the case, and statements made by other representatives of labels to the contrary do not represent the views of the RIAA or its legal positions.  So far.  Sherman disputed the report by saying the RIAA has never brought a case over copying music to a computer or an MP3 player.  Do the words "We have not taken the stance..." mean they never will?   

A report of the debate is here.  You can hear the debate here if you have the execrable RealPlayer installed.  With any luck we can get off this music thread for a while and focus on other things, like who Vonage is settling a patent dispute with this week.  It happens to be Nortel.  The line forms to the right.

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