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January 26, 2008

Florida School Officer on Hot Seat For Indirectly Linking to Porn on MySpace Page

There's a great story on what appears to be an investigation getting out of hand.  Officer John Nohejl is the Gulf Middle School resource officer.  He put up a MySpace page in order to communicate with students.  Now he's being investigated because one of his "friends" has links to a legal adult site.  Officer Nohejl is now being investigated because me may be making available adult content to underage children.  The school, however, had a clip art page on its site that linked to a gay porn site.  That link was taken down.  No word, though, on whether the school's web master is on thin ice for not checking the veracity of the links on the page.

Wouldn't it make sense for Officer Nohejl to delete the friend once the offending links are brought to his attention?  I hope they don't allow Google or Yahoo or Windows Live search on school computers as who knows what you might find in their search results.  Shakespeare is studied in schools.  He used the word strumpet in several of his plays.  Make an unrestricted search on that term in Google and see what you get.  Once you get past the definitions...some real word material may show up in three clicks.  That's the same amount of clicks that go from Officer Nohejl's friend links to the objectionable content.  Showing adult content to children is absolutely wrong.  In this case, however, given the school's own lax oversight of their own page, they should conclude the investigation unless they find Officer Nohejl acted willfully.

More here from Wired.

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