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December 5, 2007

Facebook Changes Beacon to Opt-In

Facebook is changing it's Beacon advertising system to an opt-in system, which it hopes will ameliorate some of the harsh criticism it's been getting over the program.  Beacon tracks Facebook users on shopping sites and reports back to their friends what purchases they made.  Less highlighted but nonetheless the subject of other reports is that the site tracks its users even when they are not logged in.  Somehow, some Facebook users find this disturbing.  After all, Facebook has all the demographic information on its members and can match that up with extensive web tracking.  Advertisers love this kind of stuff but for the backlash it generates.  The details about what's currently going on with this issue are in Wired and the New York Times.  The comments on the Times article suggest that the apology and the opt-in system are less than they seem.  It's almost as if Facebook won't let go and wants to spin its way past this.  Some may find the Google-DoubleClick issues quaint in light of the way this is handled. 

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