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November 8, 2007

Senate Bill Would Authorize DOJ to Sue on Behalf of Media Companies for Piracy

Senators Leahy and Cornyn have reintroduced a bill that would authorize the Justice Department to sue for civil damages in intellectual property cases.  The bill is called the Pirate Act and it's passed the Senate before, only to die in Congress without full passage.  Senator Leahy thinks the time is right for one more try. 

The bill lets the Justice Department carry the freight for the RIAA and other trade associations.  The news that the Association is losing money by filing P2P copying suits came out in the Sony trial against Jammie Thomas.  Now the taxpayers can fill that void on the balance sheet.  Who knows, this might even make it into pop culture.  Imagine Jack Bauer beating up thirteen year old girls demanding to know where the mp3s are.

News with links to the text of the bill is here and here.  In a side note consider how the music industry may be in more trouble as popular acts defect from the stable of artists.  The story on that is here.

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